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Alexa Li Life-Style Chronicles

Welcome to our blog!

It’s with unbridled excitement that we introduce you to Alexa Li Life-Style Chronicles! Style transcends fashion and is all about a lifestyle and the way it makes us feel. Our Alexa Li Life-Style Chronicles blog has been created with this in mind and we would also love for it to be a safe space and outlet for women to discuss not only fashion and lifestyle but topics specific to our gender like self image and love. This blog will be a bit different because it will feature multiple voices in our goal to support and uplift each other. Together we will not only inspire fashion but also creativity, self enlightenment and empowerment!

This blog is designed with you in mind. Your input is therefore critical to its success and we would love to get your feedback on topic ideas and potential bloggers at We hope that you will subscribe to our site and feel welcome to contribute your ideas as we aim for this to become a community platform for our voices to be heard!

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